Account Receivable Management

Solutions for Accounts Receivable Management

Interactive Intelligence Solutions for Accounts Receivable Management

Do more with less

  • Maximize agent productivity
  • Increase right-party contacts
  • Drive liquidation rates
  • Implement the latest collection strategies in-house
  • Maintain compliance

Hosted or premise-based... you choose your solution

For contact center automation, Interactive Intelligence gives you your choice of a complete premise-based solution, or an equally complete, on-demand, hosted solution - Communications as a Service (CaaS) - at a manageable monthly cost. You can even seamlessly migrate your hosted contact center to your own site without incurring downtime or losing your applications.

All-in-One, for more than just outbound dialing

Successful accounts receivable management is more than simply making outbound calls. It’s maximizing agent productivity, increasing right-party contacts, driving liquidation rates, and maintaining compliance. Bottom line, your dialing platform has to drive more than just phone calls – it has to drive your business.

The all-in-one, software-based contact center solution from Interactive Intelligence is a complete platform for communications as well as business and accounts receivable management operations. In addition to intelligent outbound dialing, it’s a solution that delivers:

  • A single all-software platform architected on open standards throughout. No proprietary technologies, no costly boards and hardware, no endless maintenance agreements.
  • All the contact center apps you need in a single integrated suite – outbound dialing and campaign management, blended inbound/outbound ACD, multi-channel queuing (voice, email, chat, fax, SMS, social media), IP PBX, speech-enabled IVR, call and screen recording, quality monitoring, scoring, workforce management, messaging and more. There are never any multi-vendor, multi-system configurations and expensive integrations. to deal with.
  • The ability to get more out of the agents in your contact center with far less complexity from the technology you use.
  • The ability to manage outbound, inbound and blended campaigns with unrivaled speed, precision, and power.
  • Superior answering machine detection and live speaker detection using software-based speech analysis, which in turn delivers higher live person connect rates than competitive board-based dialing solutions.
  • The ability to scale functionality and users up or down as needed through straightforward licensing.
  • Easy integration to your collections applications, including Latitude, CR Software, Ontario Systems, Columbia Ultimate and others.
  • Integration to your system of record, including FiServ, TSYS, Shaw Systems and others.

More power, more flexibility, and all the applications you need to drive more revenue.